Jam Walls expands your Indoor Gym Climbing experience!

Crax Climbing Volumes add a whole new dimension to Indoor Climbing Gyms and Home Walls.  All of our Crax volumes are fully adjustable from finger cracks to off width sizes, they are interchangeable and modular, allowing an almost unlimited range of new and challenging crack climbing adventures!


The Most Versatile Crack Volumes in the Gym

  • Fully adjustable 5/8” -8” widths
  • Realistic, natural shapes and textures
  • Five unique, interchangeable crack shapes
  • Modular 2 ft. tall volumes for fully customizable heights
  • Easy to mount and adjust
  • Preset T-nuts for adding face holds
Our Modular Crax System is designed to challenge every skill level of climber. 

Choose your Crax System

Shop our standard gym packages or learn more about building your customized Crax System for any size gym space.

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  • Easy To Install

    Whether this is for gym use or home use, our Crax Volumes are easy to install on your wall.

  • Completely Customizable

    Choose from our standard gym packages or customize your Crax System to be the height and number of cracks that match your needs.

  • Natural Color & Texture

    Our five unique crack shapes look and feel just like the real thing!

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