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The Most Versatile Volumes in the Gym

- Fully-Adjustable 5/8” - 8“ Widths
- Realistic & Natural Shapes
- Crack Shapes are Interchangeable
- Volume Depths 4” to 8”
- Easy to Mount & Adjust

Commercial & Home Gym Crax Systems

Crax Systems provide amazing Indoor Crack Climbing experiences and superb training for all jamming techniques!

All Crax Pods are interchangeable and fully adjustable from finger tips to off width sizes.  Our Modular Volumes allow you to create an almost unlimited range of new and challenging crack climbing routes in your gym.

Commercial and Home Gym Models

Expand Your Climbing Adventures

1 Choose Your Crax Volume

8" Large Crax Frame

8" Large Crax Frame

Best for hands (2”) to off width (8”)

Regular price $349.00

4" Small Crax Frame

4" Small Crax Frame

Best for fingertips (5/8”) to thin hands (1-1/2”)

Regular price $299.00

Which size Crax Frame should I get?

Our Modular Crax Frames are designed to challenge every skill level of climber. 

The 8” depth is ideal for developing all-around crack climbing strength and endurance.

The 4" depth helps you learn finger jamming technique and build greater finger strength.

2 Choose Your Crax Pods

4" Small Crax Pods

4" Small Crax Pods

Regular price $199.00

8" Large Crax Pods

8" Large Crax Pods

Regular price $249.00

What size Pods should I buy?

Our Crax Pods are the interchangeable cracks that mount directly to the Crax Volumes. If you've purchased an 8" deep Crax Frame then you'll need to purchase an 8" deep Crax Pod. Now you have the choice of what Crax Pod Shape and color you'd like to mount. Our "Z" Series Pods are Angular with the "S" Series being Curved. The numbers "1-4" associated with the Crax Pods correlate to the amount of bends or angles present in the Crax Pod meaning that the higher the number, the easier the Crax Pod will be to climb!

3 Add Some Accessories

Crax Volume Ramps

Crax Volume Ramps

From Regular price $139.00

Crax Center Mount

Crax Center Mount

From Regular price $49.00

Transition Volume Old

Transition Volume Old

Regular price $179.00

Crack Climbing Training anywhere

  • Easy To Install

    Whether this is for Gym use or Home Use, JamWall's Crax Volume will install easily on your wall!

  • Completely Customizable

    You can customize your JamWalls Crax System to be the Width and color that matches your needs!

  • Financing Made Simple

    JamWalls has partnered with Madison Capital to lease out our Crax Volumes to you, hassle free!


Why do I want to learn crack climbing?

Learning to climb cracks safely and efficiently is the key to climbing outdoors and expanding your adventures!  Cracks provide the most common way to protect yourself, and provide natural features to climb on rock surfaces everywhere.

How many sizes do Crax Volumes come in?

Jam Walls builds two sizes of panels: Large – with 8” deep cracks ideal for Hands (2 ¼”) to Off-width (5-6”), and Small 4” deep cracks, which are ideal for Finger tips (5/8”) to Thin Hands (1 1/2”).

Are Crax Volumes Adjustable?

Not only are both the Large and Small Crax fully adjustable from 5/8” to 6” wide, the design allows you to interchange crack shapes!  This allows you to create an almost unlimited variety of different cracks to climb.  Changing out the Crax Pods is super easy – remove three anchor bolts and put in a different Pod, then re-tighten. 

How hard are Crax Volumes to climb?

Crack climb difficulty is determined by BOTH the width of the crack and the steepness of the wall Crax are attached to.  For instance, a less-than-vertical wall where Large Crax Panels are set to perfect hand width (2 ½”) will typically be in the 5.7-5.8+ range depending on shape of the crack.  If the same configuration is placed on a wall that overhangs by 10 degrees, the difficulty will often be 5.9 to 5.10.  A 20 degree overhang can push difficulty to over 5.11.

How many crack shapes are available?

Currently, we have eight (8) different shapes available.  There are four “Z” shapes which are patterned after the types of angular cracks encountered on Granite and Sandstone, and four “S” curvy type cracks which can also be found on Granite and other rock formations.  Jam Walls will add new shapes every year to our collection!

Can I mount these Cracks in my home?

Our JamWalls Crax systems are ready to mount directly to your standard 16" Studs in your home or garage!

Can I mix and match Crack Depths?

Feel free to pick several of our products and interchange them regularly to enhance your workouts whenever you want a new challenge!

How do you clean Crax Volumes?

Crax should be cleaned on the same cycle as you would clean other face holds and volumes.  We recommend at least once every six weeks.  With Crax, you leave the frames on the wall, and remove only the Cover plates and Crax Pods for cleaning.  Use spray cleaner detergent in combination with power wash wands for heavy cleaning, or for lighter cleaning, use rags.  Be sure to properly re-tighten all Pods and Covers!