Jam Walls expands your Indoor Gym Climbing experience!

Crax Climbing Volumes add a whole new dimension to Indoor Climbing Gyms and Home Walls.  All of our Crax volumes are fully adjustable from finger cracks to off width sizes, they are interchangeable and modular, allowing an almost unlimited range of new and challenging crack climbing adventures!

Crax Install

The Most Versatile Crack Volumes in the Gym

• Fully Adjustable 5/8” - 8“ Widths

• Realistic, Natural Shapes and Textures

• Five Unique, Interchangeable Crack Shapes

• Modular 2 ft. tall Volumes for Fully Customizable Heights

• Easy to mount and adjust

• Preset T-nuts for adding Face Holds

Our Modular Crax System is designed to challenge every skill level of climber. 

Crack Climbing Indoors

  • Easy To Install

    Whether this is for Gym use or Home Use, our Crax Volumes will install easily on your wall!

  • Completely Customizable

    Customize your Crax System to be the height and number of lanes that match your needs!

  • Natural Color and Texture

    Our five unique crack shapes look and feel just like the real thing!


Why do I want to learn crack climbing?

Learning to crack climb safely and efficiently is the key to climbing outdoors and elevating your adventures!  Cracks are the most common way to protect yourself with gear and provide natural features to climb on rock surfaces everywhere.

How many sizes do Crax Volumes come in?

Crax volumes are 8 inches deep, and come in 2 ft. tall sets with interchangeable crack shapes (Pods), allowing you to build your dream wall to any height.

Are Crax Volumes adjustable?

Not only are Crax volumes fully adjustable from 5/8” to 6+” wide, the design allows you to interchange crack shapes!  Create an almost unlimited variety of different cracks to climb.  Changing out the Crax Pods is super easy – remove two anchor bolts and put in a different Pod, then re-tighten. 

How hard are Crax Volumes to climb?

Crack climbing difficulty is determined by BOTH the width of the crack and the steepness of the wall Crax are attached to.  For instance, a less-than-vertical wall where a Crax volume is set to perfect hand width (2 ½”) will typically be in the 5.7-5.8+ range depending on shape of the crack.  If the same configuration is placed on a wall that overhangs by 10 degrees, the difficulty will often be 5.9 to 5.10.  A 20 degree overhang can push difficulty to over 5.11.

How many crack shapes are available?

Currently, we have five (5) different shapes available.  There are two “Z” shapes which are patterned after the types of angular cracks encountered on Granite and Sandstone, two “S” curvy type cracks which can also be found on Granite and other rock formations, and a parallel “Split’R” splitter shape.  Changing up these pods on your wall regularly will really increase the variety and difficulty of your routes!

Can I mount these cracks in my home?

Absolutely! Jam Walls Crax systems are ready to mount directly to your standard 16" studs in your home or garage!

How do you clean Crax Volumes?

Crax should be cleaned on the same cycle as you would clean other face holds and volumes.  We recommend at least once every six weeks.  With Crax, you leave the frames on the wall, and remove only the Crax Pods for cleaning.  Use spray cleaner detergent and a bristle brush.  We DO NOT recommend power washing as it may compromise the wood material within the volume.