How To Climb Cracks At Home

How To Climb Cracks At Home

How To Crack Climb At Home | JamWalls

Crack Climbing, In Your Home Gym


Welp, as we all know not a single one of us expected this whole Covid quarantine thing to be in full effect this long, and with no clear end in sight. With the cold months coming, outdoor crack climbing will become less and less available for most of the nation’s best climbing hotspots and gyms are largely still closed.

While your home gym will keep you fit and psyched, make sure you don’t let Covid slow down the progress of your crack climbing skills!

We’ve seen what some of you are doing at home to keep your climbing strength up, like this piece from the “Rock and Ice” website featuring home climbing setups around the world for example. From folks scaling their indoor and outdoor fireplaces to practicing toe hangs on their granite counters...frankly put, ya’ll are NUTS! But, we get it. This just means it’s time to upgrade your home gym to include a home climbing gym.

After seeing some of these home climbing setups, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of JamWalls’ newest line of versatile and accessible “Crax” crack climbing volumes, specifically made for home climbing gym setups.

These incredible things mount easily to anyone’s home gym walls, are totally fun, and help you hone your skills for next season’s outdoor adventures! I mean, imagine THIS right in your living room, garage or basement!


Adaptable Home Climbing Gym Packages For Sale

Our Crax give you maximum versatility - you can adjust for any desired finger or hand width. And if you’re worried you’ll get bored installing a single crack to climb, we got you. We’ve made cracks that are interchangeable and adjustable too. Crax “Pods” come in a variety of shapes that capture the kinds of jams you will encounter on Granite and Sandstone – your choice. Crax Volumes help you stretch that home gym budget, and come with pre-installed T-nuts so you can add face holds on the side of them, too! Not only do our crack volumes look and feel the closest you can get to truly dangling in nature’s greatest playgrounds, but we’ve made sure your routes won’t become dull and uninteresting.

Two long haired dudes climbing on a stone fireplace inside of a mid-century modern house with high ceilings.

Instead of chipping away at the stonework on your fireplace, save yourself a masonry bill and check out our exclusive and realistic modular Crax Volumes for your home climbing gym. Level up instead of falling flat at home!

So why did we make this product - other than our love of crack climbing?! Well, up until very recently, the cracks at climbing gyms were permanent installations that lacked versatility and most often were 8” deep, which can kind of cancel out training on jam technique unless you’re already very familiar. As far as training on crack walls at home, there were virtually no options unless you were in a high echelon of financial security. You also had to be willing to wait for products to ship from the other side of the world, as opposed to shipping from right here in the US as we do. Equally, once you installed your home crack climbing product, you’d come up against the same problems our climbing gyms have - it’s a permanent fixture and will only take your training and your mental stimulation so far. We’re confident our revolutionary and practical solution to home gym crack installations is something any climber will benefit from jamming on. We definitely have!


The modular Crack climbing volumes side by side, allowing for 3 full crack climbs in less square footage for maximum Crack per wall ratio.


Like all of our crack climbing products, our home gym Crax packages were developed by the minds of wildly experienced Yosemite climbers of over 40 years in the cracks. Add to that, we developed our Crax products under the guidance of the climbing world’s mad genius, Steven Jeffrey. It is just a fact that our home installation and climbing gym crack volumes are the most authentic that you can get your hands-on, or rather - in. Our team's hands have been fortunate to know some of the world’s most incredible slabs of rock. We know for certain that training with something as close to the real thing as the real thing is one of the best advantages you can give yourself, especially for learning and improving jam technique. Not to mention, learning how to crack climb is one of the best ways to leverage and improve your mental and physical climbing skills as a whole. Once you’re a comfortable and confident crack jammer, you can expand your climbing adventures to exponentially greater heights - literally.


Steven Jeffrey refining the JamWalls Crax systems

Steven Jeffrey, the Jam Walls genius testing out a Crax home climbing gym installation.

How JamWalls Crack Volumes Work

Our Crax home climbing gym products have panels and accessory components that can be utilized to create many realistic crack climbing challenges. Whether you’ve never attempted crack climbing before or you are a seasoned veteran like the JamWalls crew, there is a perfect set up for you. Our options include an 8” deep pod or the more challenging 6” deep pod to really amp your jam training up. To draw a clearer picture, the “Crax pods” function as interchangeable cracks that are to be mounted onto our “Crax volumes”. You can also choose between the kind of crack you want to swim, whether you’re into the smooth curves of the S series, or dig the angular climbs of our Z series, more.



Granite Home Gym Crack Climbing Wall S-series Sandstone Home Gym Crack Climbing Wall Z - Series

Adjustable - Interchangeable - Versatile - Affordable

High End Home Climbing On A Budget

We’ve mentioned “affordable” a few times - here’s what we mean! First, we’re always working to ensure the cost is approachable by keeping the total package price under $2,000 all year round. Right now, we are offering a Home Gym Holiday Special that includes two package prices: you can get a complete system for $1,499 or $1,299. These packages include 12 ft of continuous large 8” Crax Volumes; or for the lower price 12 ft of 4” small Crax Volumes. We really want to make sure our climbing community can get what they need in these crazy times!

We can’t wait to get back into the gyms and more than anything we can’t wait to be able to get groups of amazing climbers together to conquer the world’s most challenging routes!

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Hey Phil S.

Justin from JamWalls here. The granite and sandstone packages have the same texture but different colors. The texture in general is quite a bit like sandstone instead of smoother like granite. Quite a bit of good grip for practicing those hand and finger jams.

Thanks for the love!


Looks awesome! Do the granite and sandstone packages have different textures or is it just the color?

Phil S.

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