4" Small Crax Frame

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Crax Frame Bolts or Screws directly to your climbing wall and allows you to bolt in the Crax Pod of your choice in to your route. The face comes with several t-nuts to allow you to bolt on additional holds. This includes the right side and left side volumes which are interchangeable.

Crax Frame features:

  • Fully adjustable crack width. Panels are adjustable in place using 3/8” hex head bolts that fasten directly into a gym wall’s existing T-nut grid.
  • No damage to wall surfaces
  • Easier to adjust and reposition in the gym
  • Crax Panels are screwed directly into the gym wall surface using 2 ½” constructions screws (included).
  • Crack widths are adjustable by removing Panels, then re-screwing them into the wall surface to create the desired crack width. 
  • Screws leave small holes on wall surfaces.
  • Panels can still be adjusted and repositioned in the gym


Half Frame:
Length: 48"
Width: 8"
Depth: 4"

Full Crax Volume
Length: 48"
Width: 16" - 24"
Depth: 4