About Us

We are Veteran Crack Climbers

We have always been inspired by the beautiful and awesome power of cracks on the soaring walls of Yosemite, the red sandstone cliffs of Utah and Colorado, and all the amazing cracks we have experienced around the world!

Climbing Gyms have allowed our sport to explode in popularity. Climbers keep getting stronger and pushing the difficulty standards because of the accessible training opportunities our gyms provide. 

But what about Crack Climbing in Gyms?

Until now, crack climbs in gyms have been pretty limited due to the difficulty and expense of installing them. Gym cracks were permanent, and climbers unfamiliar with jam technique often struggled.

Jam Walls now offers Indoor Gyms a revolutionary and practical solution to crack climbing installations.

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  • Don Mealing

    Founder & President

    The least experienced climber of the Jam Walls team with 42 years. With modest climbing ability combined with formidable business experience as a CEO of multiple start-ups over the past 30 years, Don will help guide Jam Walls toward success as the most innovative Modular Crack Climbing Hold company in the Industry.


  • Dave Yerian


    Dave is a Veteran Yosemite Climber with an absolute treasure trove of knowledge of crack climbing. Dave’s decades of experience have been spent literally with the best climbers of the sport. He helps our customers maximize their Jam Walls experience and obtain the best solutions for their gym needs.

  • Steven Jeffery

    Jam Wall's Visionary Mad Scientist & VP of Product Development

    Steven is our resident creative genius with the skills to build anything our team dreams up. His legendary climbing prowess and in-depth knowledge of the Climbing Gym Industry allows Steven to look over the horizon of the Earth and help Jam Walls create the future of Crack Climbing Training!

  • Dale Bard

    Honorary Founder

    Dale brought a treasure trove of crack climbing experience and Industry knowledge to us and will always be an honorary Elder of the Crax Tribe.