Elevate your climbing adventures by bringing amazing crack climbing routes to your home climbing wall! Our standard 10 ft. tall Crax Home Gym system brings you a versatile and complete training experience. Want to go higher? Simply add Crax Volumes in 2 ft. sets. Choose your height, crack width, number of routes, and crack (Pod) shapes to fit your goals and budget.

Crack at the Fortress

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Why Our Customers Love Jam Walls:

Not only will it help me stay fit through the cold winter months, but it will also provide the ideal learning environment for my girls (5 and 7 years of age) to hone their crack climbing (in a controlled environment). The Crax System as a feature really brings variety to the wall. I like that the Crax System is easy to adjust, both in terms of location on the wall and the crack itself. It is amazingly easy to change the width of the crack, from fingers to hands to offwidth! 

Throughout the entire process (purchase to installation) you and your team were so helpful that getting the System up was seamless. I would (and have already recommended) recommend the Crax System to commercial or private clients who climb cracks already or want to learn. Unlike most crack systems I have seen which are fixed (a single line), the Crax System has flexibility and thus provides its users with endless options.

 - Jef F, Colorado