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Crax Center Mounts

Crax Center Mounts

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Center Mounts allow you to add EXTRA crack lanes to your wall!  Build amazing Double, or Triple cracks by adding Center Mounts to your Crax Volumes up to the full height of your planned climbing route.  12 ft = 6 sets, 24 ft = 12 sets, etc.    

Single Crax Route = Vertical sets of Crax Volumes in 2 ft sections. 

Double Crax Route = # of Crax Volume Sets X Center Mounts. (6 Sets requires 6 Center Mounts, 12 Sets requires 12 Center Mounts, etc) 

Triple Crax Route = # of Crax Volume Sets X 2 X # of Center Mounts.  A 12 ft Crax Triple Route requires 12 Center Mounts and 6 sets of Crax Volumes.


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